A Bit About Pole Players

Welcome to Pole Players! We run pole fitness classes from beginner through to advanced levels. Every BODY is welcome, no upper body strength, dance or gymnastic ability required to start- this will develop naturally as you progress!

Pole fitness provides an all over body workout whilst having lots of fun. All our classes include a safe, effective warm up, on and off pole conditioning and cool down to finish with lots of challenging fun in between!


WARNING: it's pretty addictive!

Owner/ Head Instructor - Julia Thompson

Qualifications - Spin City Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor

                             Spin City Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

                             First Aid and CRB up to date

                             Fully insured


 A bit about me! I started Pole 11 years ago as a way to meet people and maybe even get fit! Little did I know how much Pole would change my life for the better all those years ago - from not being able to do 1 push up to discovering what I am physically capable of achieving...and there's still so much more to learn!

I have been teaching now for over 7 years and love enabling people to access their inner-awesome and achieve things they never thought they could just like I did. Pole is challenging and takes time and dedication, but it’s amazing to watch my students grow in strength and confidence. 

I had a couple of breaks in my pole journey to have 2 beautiful children, but I have always found my way back to it. Not only has pole kept me fit after having my kids, it helps to keep me sane(ish!). It's my sanctuary, my invaluable "me" time.

Classes We Offer


Group sessions are great for meeting like minded souls and sharing a sense of achievement as you master new moves together.

Private classes may also be available Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please get in touch to arrange.


Our timetable:


Thursday 7.15 pm  - Mixed Ability

Thursday 8.30 pm  - Mixed Ability

Friday 10.30 am - Mixed Ability

Karate Studio, 124 Seabourne  Road, Southbourne, BH5 2HY


Due to the impact of the Corona virus, the class timetable has changed at Pole Players. We are now operating at a reduced capacity, with a maximum of 4 per class, with 1 per pole.

Monthly memberships and taster concessions are currently not available as a reflection of this.

Classes currently available for booking:

Southbourne Thursday 7.15 pm PAYG only

Southbourne Thursday 8.30pm PAYG only

*NEW* Southbourne Friday 7pm - Intro to Pole 4 Week Course starting 18th Sept

*NEW* Southbourne Friday 8.15pm Freaky Fridays 4 Week Block starting 18th September

Class Pricing

Freaky Fridays

September 17, 2020

Embracing the darker side of pole, this 4 week block will still contain pole fitness elements but will focus more on slinky flow and strutting your stuff as well as some floorwork. 

Sadly heels are not allowed in the studio, socks and kneepads recommended.

4 week block is non refundable.

Unfortunately missed classes may not be carried forward.

Intro to Pole 4 Week Course

September 17, 2020

This beginners-only 4 week course will take you through all the basics of pole fitness, gradually building your strength and confidence.

You will learn spins, poses, sits, transitions and conditioning exercises building up to a short routine by the end!

Classes are limited to 4, with a pole each, so booking is essential.

Classes are non refundable and sadly any missed classes may not be carried forward.

PAYG - £10 per class

If you are unable to commit to regular monthly attendance then this option offers complete flexibility. Simply book and attend when you can!

Non refundable. Minimum 24 hour cancellation period must be given prior to the class you have booked or unfortunately the class will be lost.

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Pole FAQs

What should I wear for my pole class?

We recommend you wear shorts and a tank top or T-shirt (preferably tight fitting once you are ready to go upside on the pole), and ladies a good supportive sports bra can make all the difference! We usually pole barefoot or in socks/slippers (especially in the colder. winter months) but you may choose to wear trainers for the warm up as this can sometimes be high impact. All jewellery must be removed before using the poles. That includes: rings, bracelets, watches, anklets and belly bars (when exposed by wearing a crop top). We recommend you leave them at home so there is less risk of you losing it. We accept no responsibility for lost items. Please don't use moisturiser at least 12 hours before pole as it can affect your grip and make the poles slippery. Slippery poles = dangerous!

Do I need to bring anything to class?

We advise you to bring your own towel or terry cloth for cleaning the pole, a large bottle of water (it's thirsty work!) to stay hydrated, and any grip aids you may choose to use. Also, don't forget your camera to capture your awesome progress!

Do I need to have good core/ upper body strength to start?

NO!!! Everyone starts their pole journey somewhere. We don't expect you to be hanging upside down or doing the human flag straight away. You will start with spins, climbs and poses and conditioning to help build your strength and confidence. Although the classes are mixed ability, the moves will be tailored to suit you so that you can progress at your own pace. It's completely natural to feel a little nervous or apprehensive trying something new, but you'll soon find your pole groove! “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” Someone Wise

How big are the classes?

Due to Corona, classes are currnetly running with a maximum of 4 students (one per pole) in the Southbourne venue.

How do I book a class?

Due to limited availability all spaces must be booked and paid in advance via our website www.poleplayers.co.uk to guarantee your slot. Monthly membership is paid at the start of the month for that month. You will be booked in for the same class for the rest of the month so your space will be secured.

How do I pay for a class?

You can book and pay for all classes via the website www.poleplayers.co.uk to secure your place.

What if I can no longer make a class that I booked?

I appreciate life gets busy and things crop up! PAYG - If you need to re-arrange a class, you need to give at least 24 hours notice prior to your class to reschedule or the class will be lost. Monthly Membership - unfortuantely any missed classes may not be carried over to the next month or used in lieu of payment for the next month. You can use the contact form on the website, or our Facebook page to get in touch and let me know.

Where are classes held?

Burton venue: CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO CORORNA GUIDELINES Burton Community Centre Sandy Plot BH23 7NQ (in the side room next to the main hall) Southbourne venue: Karate Studio 124 Seabourne Road BH5 2HY (use back door entrance) *unfortunately no parking is available on site. Off road parking may be available or please use Woodside Road carpark

Are classes currently running?

Yes, classes are running at a reduced capacity of 4 per class with no pole sharing between students.

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